By Dental Tribune International

Webinar to cover innovations in minimally invasive tooth extraction

LEIPZIG, Germany: The ease with which minimally invasive dentistry can be practised has grown as the available equipment, materials and bonding techniques have improved. In an upcoming free webinar on Thursday, 9 November, an expert will provide a practical guide to conducting minimally invasive and atraumatic tooth extraction with the use of several different methods.

With techniques for extraction becoming increasingly sophisticated, an emphasis on the preservation of the alveolar bone and soft tissue has developed. By keeping these intact, rehabilitation with an implant is more likely to be feasible. In a follow-up to his webinar on minimally invasive restorations (available for viewing here), Dr Jansie van Rensburg will present a range of clinical cases that employ different systems for minimally invasive extractions, with a particular focus on Directa Dental’s range of Luxator instruments.

Van Rensburg obtained his degree in dentistry at the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 1980 and has been in general practice ever since. From 2004 onwards, he has lectured internationally on the topics of fibre-reinforced composites and regular composite restorations.

The 1-hour webinar, titled “Latest innovations to make daily dentistry easier 2—Minimally invasive extractions”, will be broadcast live on Thursday, 9 November, from 7 p.m. CET. Attendance is free of charge after easy registration on the website. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and have the opportunity to earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic.