By Zachary Kulsrud

The 2017 International Dental Show (IDS), the world’s largest dental trade show, is only 10 months away. If you can’t wait that long for the exhibition, you’re in luck. This fall, Deutschland’s dental industry is hosting a special “Dental Technology from Germany” exhibit at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). It’s a must-see for any dentist, dealer, or industry guru headed to the Big Apple in November.

Why, you ask? Think of it this way: It will be like the all-you-can-eat-buffet of your dreams, but instead of savory strudels and beer-basted bratwurst, there will be enough mesmerizing tech to satisfy even the heartiest of dental appetites.

The “Dental Technology from Germany” exhibit will feature a “Science Lab” that will give dentists hands-on opportunities to use renowned German dental products. It will also feature a gigantic, museumesque space that presents current dental research and innovations coming out of German universities.

A record 37 German dental companies have already signed on to be part of the Dental Technology from Germany exhibit at the German dental industry pavilion in New York. Apex360 got a sneak peek at the list, and we’re pleased to share it with you. Here are the companies that will be exhibiting, along with a few fast facts about the biggies.