By Roger P. Levin / DDS

Data Bite: Marketing coordinators increase production 31% in 2016

While dental practices have shown improvement in their marketing practices, many still miss critical opportunities. Dr. Levin looks at the latest data and provides analysis.

Results of the 2016 Dental Economics–Levin Group Practice Survey clearly show that practice marketing remains a misunderstood and underutilised business tool for many dentists.

Almost half of doctors surveyed admit they have only a limited understanding of the subject. This deficit is reflected in the fact that they implement only a fraction of the number of marketing strategies needed to generate a sufficient flow of patient referrals and prospective new patients from the community.

Perhaps even more telling is the fact that so few practices—less than one out of every four—have a marketing coordinator (MC) on staff. This is true in spite of the fact that practices with an MC report 31% higher production than offices without one.

Here are additional survey results that further highlight the problem:


Dentists who are somewhat or not at all familiar with their marketing activities


Fewer than 5

Average number of practice marketing strategies aimed at current patients (Levin Group recommends a minimum of 15)


Fewer than 4

Average number of practice marketing strategies aimed at the community (Levin Group recommends a minimum of 15)


Dentists have progressed significantly as marketers in the past decade, but they still have a long way to go in practice marketing. With greater understanding, more ongoing strategies, and a highly cost-effective part-time MC, doctors can increase production dramatically.