By DentistryIQ Editors

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS, recently published the fifth installment of her continuing DentalCodeology mini-book series titled, “A Gingivitis Code Finally!”

“This is the CDT code we been waiting for! We finally have a CDT code for the treatment of gingivitis,” DiGangi said. “Imagine, we finally have metric for the therapy we have been providing for years and the opportunity to get appropriately reimbursed too!”

The book details how CDT D4346 has been designated for scaling in presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation – full mouth, after oral evaluation. DiGangi said the new code will provide dentists and hygienists with countless new opportunities to elevate the standard of patient care while boosting their bottom lines.

The author said, “This win-win scenario is now possible because the new code finally classifies gingivitis as a disease that requires treatment. When you consider that the CDC estimates that 64.7 million American adults have moderate or severe bone loss periodontitis and that more than 50% are being treated under D1110/D1120 prophylaxis codes, this is a game-changer!”

DiGangi added that, since the new code does not have age limitations, it is also applicable for the treatment of children. “This may totally change our definition of who is at risk for periodontal disease, who we should screen, and how early we can provide interventional treatment of early onset gingivitis,” DiGangi said.

The new code (D4346) is especially relevant for dental practices who wish to consistently communicate the medical relevance of treating early stage periodontal disease. “This is a stronger motivation for getting patients to come back to the practice than telling them to schedule a six-month cleaning,” DiGangi explains. “If you code it, they will come!”