By DentistryIQ Editors

In this new video from Dr. Chris Salierno, he asks, who likes dealing with that pile of monthly bills? No one? That’s what we thought.

But since the bills insist on piling up whether you like them or not, what can you do about paying them in your dental practice?

The upcoming Principles of Practice Management Conference offers some solutions. Dr. Salierno says the conference will offer not one, not two, but three courses designed to help you with that stack of bills.

Dr. Salierno will present, “Taming the Overhead Beast.” Dr. Erin Elliot will be talking about “Medical Billing for Sleep Apnea and Implants.” Finally, the “godmother of billing and coding,” Christine Taxin, will present “Why we’re Billing Incorrectly and Coding Incorrectly.”

These are just a taste of the many courses that will be offered to help dentists get a handle on the practice management angles of running their practices. It’s a well known fact that dentists emerge from dental school armed with all the latest and greatest clinical techniques, but not so much in the practice management arena.

“The Principles of Practice Management Conference” (PPM) will be Sept. 23  and 24 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotal in Schaumburg, Illinois. Registration is open now!

Watch Dr. Salierno discuss his top Dental Economics articles and PPM  here.

He talks generally about the PPM conference here.