By Zachary Kulsrud

Chris Salierno, DDS, interviews Jeffrey Rhode, DDS, and David Fantarella, DMD, about their experiences with Convergent Dental’s C02 9.3 micron Solea laser. Topics include cost, ROI, anesthesia-free procedures, multiquadrant dentistry, and learning curve.

At this year’s Yankee Dental Meeting, dentists and industry representatives had the opportunity to see the Convergent Dental’s Solea laser in action. At a live dentistry event, Jeffrey Rhode, DDS, and David Fantarella, DMD, performed anesthesia-free procedures on patients and then talked to the patients afterward about their experiences.

After the live dentistry event, Dental Economics Chief Editor Chris Salierno, DDS, discussed Solea in-depth with Drs. Rhode and Fantarella. In this interview, the three informally discuss the new frontier of “reliably anesthesia-free dentistry”—which Dr. Fantarella describes as Solea’s pain-free experience for approximately 95% of patients.