By Association for Dental Education in Europe.

Many will be aware of the historic work performed by the ADEE taskforces.  Created through participation and consensus, taskforce documents such as the ‘Profile and Competences for the Graduating European Dentist’, ‘Curriculum Structure, Content, Learning & Assessment in European Undergraduate Dental Education’ and ‘Benchmarking & Quality Assurance’ have become the bedrock of ADEE’s work on the convergence of dental curricula throughout Europe.

In line with best practices, this suite of documents fell due for review and updating in late 2015. During 2016 and into 2017 a taskforce group was convened following an invitation to participate at the General Assembly in 2015.  The initial focus of the work has been on the Profile and Competence document and how to best update this valuable guidance.

With an aim to integrate and make the revised document easily assessable and integral to other curriculum developers, the taskforce is now ready to offer interested stakeholders an opportunity to review and consult on the evolving revised document.

It should be noted that while the final document will be published, a new attribute to how the work is presented will be an interactive online toolkit which will enable the link to other core curriculum documents developed by other specialist societies, online examples and toolkits for best practice and other interactive features.  These will be developed once the final document has been signed off at the ADEE general assembly in Vilnius 25th August 2017.

The ADEE executive and the members of the Taskforce now invites you to participate in the consultation on the new suite of documents entitled ‘Undergraduate Dental Education: The European perspective’.  You can access the documents and consultation here

Please send your completed consultation document to Consultation responses should reach us no later than 16th July 2017.  All responses will be acknowledged. If you do not receive a reply from us in three days, please assume that there is an email problem between our systems. We suggest then that you use the contact form on the ADEE website to inform the office that you are trying to send a response and it apparently has not arrived.